Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer layering

If you work in an office and that office is fairly new with sterile looking walls and bland cubicles, than that office probably has a very strong central air conditioning unit that turns your workplace into an icy prison.

I feel your pain. I am constantly cold. When it comes to dressing, with your office in mind, it is probably a good idea to think in layers. I would never wear a strapless dress to work anyways unless I had a cardigan over it, but this is a different way to layer that creates a completely different look, while taking care of the chills.

All I did was throw on my strapless polka dot dress over a black t-shirt and paired it with these red shoes to add some color to the outfit.

I really felt like I was wearing a whole new dress all day. The polka dots and red shoes remind me of Minnie Mouse, and I like that because it takes me back to that happy place when I was a child.

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