Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plaid shirt dress

There is one outfit that always looks good and is always comfortable: leggings with anything! But not with shirts that do not cover your bum, because I am not a fan of legging pants unless, of course, they are leather.
What led me to this post was when I started pondering about the next couple of weeks. Thanksgiving is coming up, then Christmas, I am taking several trips out of town and, I thought, what would be the perfect travel/holiday outfit? I quickly realized that I needed more shirt dresses and when I popped into H&M tonight I found this plaid shirt dress for $15!!!
I am excited to try it out with different layering tricks. Obviously a cardigan would look nice, but I was also thinking of wearing a turtle neck underneath. What do you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skirts and tights and cardis, oh my!

There are three essentials that I have in my fall wardrobe. Skirts, tights, and cardis. I don't like to put away my dresses and skirts from summer just because there is frost on my car windows, and I have to sit in my driveway for a half hour while the car heater warms up. I put up with the wind and cold because I am not ready to retire into jeans and snow pants just yet. So the ultimate solution to staying warm while trying to be cute are obviously tights and cardigans. There is nothing special about this outfit expect that I love the skirt, which I purchased from Forever 21, and it was ridiculously cheap.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What to do about knee socks

Many of you will be happy that I was tinkering around with my camera today and was able to find another option that made the color come out better. Yay!
So when knee socks started to appear for fall I was confused. Knee socks kind of look a little skanky. But then I saw this post on Frolic, and I was shown the light. Adding knee socks to the layered look prevents them from making you look like a naughty school girl while wearing them. Wearing knee socks over your leggings or pants just adds another layer and it actually looks kind of cute, like leg warmers or something. And they do provide more warmth, especially because my toes are normally in the bottom of my boots freezing because my leggings are not footed. Try it out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Edgy fem

Umm I like the top photo because I was trying to be girly, but it just turned out blurry and weird. Haha.
Anyways, I like to pair really flowy tops with edgy black pants and accessories because it makes the outfit more interesting. If I were wearing biker boots and if those were actually black leather leggings, this outfit would be really amazing. Dear Santa, please bring me Bleggings for Christmas so I can showcase both my edgy and feminine side. Thank you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Onsie: Practical

So when I bought my onsie, I never thought I could put such a practical outfit together. I like this outfit because the onsie alone is kind of sexy, but when I cover up the plunging neckline with a fall scarf and put some tights on, it looks more like a romper or jumper than something sexy and does doesn't it? Doesn't it???

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brighten up

I know that you just set your clocks back and that when you drive home at say 5 or 5:30 it is practically pitch black outside already. So to brighten up your day, I suggest taking your floral pieces from this summer and making them winter and fall appropriate with tights, leggings, and cardigans. I am actually not wearing tights in this photo, but knee socks that I purchased at Marc's grocery store for about 50 cents. The dress is from Forever 21. This outfit worn with maybe some thicker leggings or tights and a heavy cardigan can be worn through winter. And maybe some boots too! Just make sure you have a warm coat.