Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black, white and hot all over

I love this dress, and though typically I make any excuse to wear it, on this particular day, I was a bit of a cranky tank because I was unhappy about where I was going in it. Rewind 5 weeks before this picture was taken, and you will see me agreeing to be a coworker's date to a slow motion, as my inner voice screams "Nooo!" and my mouth says "suuuure."

Let it be known that I can't think of any excuses, let alone legitimate excuses, at 8:15 a.m. That said, it wasn't that bad, and this cute, comfortable number made it all the more bearable. If I had been wearing it for a hot date, I might have spruced it up with some feminine details (such as the romantic pearls and bowed belt and heels), and a tough leather jacket to balance the slight Minnie Mouse feel.

In reality, I wore a giant turquoise ring to double as a brass knuckle in case of emergency.

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