Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She wore a rasberry blazer

I'd like to think my red blazer is as cool as Prince's Rasberry Beret, but it's just not. I am definitely trying to find that fine line between warm weather and cold, when you don't know how to dress because in the morning it is 35 degrees but by the afternoon it is 60 degrees. In these situations I usually go for good leg coverage because no one wants to get stuck in a 40 degree rain storm wearing a skirt. I also don't go with anything that is too tight because that can create pit stains and discomfort. So this loose blazer and airy tank top work perfectly.
Consignment blazer: $12; Filene's Basement top: $20; H&M black pants: $20; Aldo shoes: $80


  1. I'm having a very similar problem, but our highs are only getting to the 50's, which is still a far cry from the lows in the 30's. I totally wish I had more blazers, because as you're demonstrating, they bridge the gap well.

  2. Blazers are a good way to go. I got this one at a consignment shop. They are in pretty constant supply at places like that. Esp shops that try to keep up with the trends.