Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

I have been away for a while because A. I am always at a loss for good outfit ideas during these transitional months and B. I have been really lazy. Every night when I get home from work I have been so tired lately that I can't exert enough energy to plan out my outfit so I have been throwing on whatever works. This morning was the same routine, but I remembered that I had this skirt and all of the other pieces fell into place. I purchased this skirt with my 40% off discount when I worked at Ann Taylor Loft. That discount makes me wish I still worked in retail, but the pull to go back is never strong enough for some reason.
H&M Trench Coat: $30; Target turtlneck: $10; Ann Taylor Loft skirt; Franco Sarto Boots: $80


  1. That's because retail sucks. No really, right? One word: customers. Two more words: crap pay.

    But definite win on the skirt! Man, I hope you can find a way to shorten your work days and still get it all done. Feeling overworked is no good.

  2. Forgot to say: I love the pics outside! The green of the grass is really fun with the red of the skirt! Like flowers!