Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This enormous fish on a chain is a true "Shop My Closet" find, it just so happens that it wasn't MY closet. It was given to my grandmother in the 70s (she gave it to me for Xmas!), which means it has seen more polyester, Bee Gees and bellbottoms than I can imagine. Even so, I will not let that intimidate me. I like to think I have the style prowess to pull off this aquatic gem, but, I will admit, it has an ocean of 70s glam. And I have more like... a fish tank full.

Today I played it cool with a simple t-shirt/cardigan combo, but one day I will break out my gold lamé onsie and light up DC like a twirling disco ball.


  1. This also has a little mermaid, under the sea, feel to it. I think that's why you like it so much. Don't deny your aspirations to be a Disney princess.