Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer in the winter hurts so good

In this outfit, I should probably be swaying on a grassy hill at a John Cougar Mellencamp concert and hanging out with my friends Blossom, Six, and Joey. But really, is it that bad to be wearing a jean jacket? J.Crew is doing it!!!!

To wear this cute little dress from summer, which was purchased for $15 at Marshalls, I needed some layering. I thought my denim jacket would create a good Americana look with the pattern of this dress, and I knew I needed reinforcements with the cardigan because denim freezes in the winter. I also enlisted the help of my good friends leggings, knee socks and boots, and an “undershirt”.

Did anyone’s mom make them wear a so called “undershirt” under literally every item of clothing when they were younger? Am I the only one?

And tada! Summer outfit remixed for winter! Woah!

(P.S. did anyone know that Mayim Bialik was on What Not to Wear?!?)


  1. came across your blog today and i liked it :)