Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tights tricks

Layering clothes reaches a whole new dimension when you live in Cleveland. You have to be tricky if you want to escape the wrath of cold winds blowing up your skirt. Why would I even be wearing a skirt or dress in the middle of winter?—because I am THAT girl. No, not puking in the bathroom of a bar girl who is wearing a dress that is too tight for her and her control top is showing, I mean the kind of girl who sacrifices her comfort in the name of outfit elitism.
So the trick here is to layer an opaque color like red or blue under a more sheer pair of tights like this polka dot pair. I tried it with a maroon pair of tights and the color is a little too dark to notice. So if you really want it to pop out I would recommend using a bright red. So if you have a pair of really sheer tights that you want to wear in the winter you can with this easy method. (P.S. I was still freezing!)

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