Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boho Chic: You decide

One of my favorite outfits to wear on the weekend is a dress over jeans regardless of the weather. It's just comfortable and by adding a scarf and a long sweater it turns into a cute boho chic look.

When I submitted my outfit to Glamour I recieved a lot of constructive criticism. Some tips I will use in the future and some I probably won't, but it was really helpful to find out what people actually thought of what I was wearing. That's why I want you to choose which scarf/outfit combination you like best.

I personally like the top scarf because I think it matches the best. I like the cream scarf and the light blue scarf, but I wasn't sure how those scarves look with the whole outfit and how well they match.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting question. I agree that the color palette on top is the most cohesive, but I like the second option better I think. With the light blue, the way you have the scarf tied, you're not obscuring the waistline. A waistline is a great thing. Even under a slouchy sweater. :)