Thursday, February 18, 2010

J.Crew inspired outfit on the cheap

Sorry for the bad quality of this image, but I have had a period of separation from my camera and a camera phone is the best I could get. I really wanted to share this outfit because it was inspired by the J.Crew outfit above. I knew I wanted to recreate it, but I couldn't afford to buy all of the pieces from J.Crew. So I looked in my closet and put this together. Notice I am wearing Hunter Wellingtons. I was wearing high heels with this outfit in the office, but while getting dinner, I just left on my boots. I love these boots. And since we were trying a new burger and beer restaurant, I felt that my lack of formal shoe wear was acceptable. (We went to the new Michael Symon restaurant in Cleveland called, Bspot. It's delicious) I think the boots especially compliment a girly outfit like this one. (H&M Dress: $29; J.Crew striped shirt: $20; H&M Scarf: $15; Ann Taylor Loft Tights: $15; Hunter Wellington Boots: $115)


  1. Totally agreed. Although, I would love to see you rock it again with some precious sandals, when the weather is a little warmer. I mean, I'm not sure if the layering on top would be too warm, but lots of places blast the AC in the summer, so you might be fine. Cute!