Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moto Magic

One way to blur the line between tough and sweet, is to splurge on the new moto-style sweatshirt jacket. When I say splurge, I mean spend $15 at Forever 21. I saw several today in all different colors, and I think it adds a little edge to any outfit. I'm probably not going to be riding a motorcycle anytime soon, but at least I look like I could hop on the back of a moped...or at the very least, a bicycle.



  1. Did you get your hair cut? Cute. I love the jacket. Where is that scarf from?

  2. It definitely adds the edge, but I love that in white, it's not the same motorcycle jacket that everyone is wearing. You could rock this over cute dresses and with all kinds of stuff.

  3. Hi X-tina! I did get my hair cut. In fact, I've been getting regular haircuts! This is a new concept for me. Haha.

    Scarfy is from Banana Republic. It's a jersey material and sooo soft. Sometimes I rub it on my face. Just for funsies.