Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Closet Grand Opening!

(Photo via Sex and the City-the movie)
The closet is open! Shop My Closet, the blog, is making its grand entrance on the information highway and becoming part of the noise that is the Internet.

The idea for this blog came along because unless you have been living under a rock this year, you know that the economy has been better.

Although it is starting to look up, according to those in the know, it is to be followed by a not so predictable future.

Many are saying that this will change the way that consumers spend, the same way people of the depression era were changed. 

So, we thought now might be a good time to start getting thrifty and stop making so many needless purchases—beginning with our closets. The term "shop your closet" has been used in countless consumer magazines and news sources so we can't coin it as our own.

But, essentially, it is the quick fix for the fashionista gone broke. It involves creating a new outfit, never worn before, right from your own closet to achieve the same rush you get when carrying a shiny new bag out of Saks (choose your poison).

It's like an experiment. It will tell us if we can actually go for long periods of time without making those impulse buys that get poorly paid editors like ourselves in trouble. It also will show us that maybe we didn't need to buy a whole new outfit for Friday night because maybe there was one waiting for us in our closet. 

Join us in our adventure to learn values such as saving money and conserving the amount of waste we produce, while trying to look amazing.

-Allison & Christina

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