Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm not gonna lie, I'm a busty girl. Though I've come a long way (emotionally) since they first appeared in 4th grade, I still envy women who can wear a strapless dress without feeling like a walking motorboating invitation. So, when spring and summer roll around, and I want to wear cute, strapless dresses like my fabulous -- less chesty -- friends, I throw a t-shirt underneath to feel less...booby.

I suggest pairing a pattern t-shirt with sexy neckline (Club Monaco, $25), with a bright colored dress (Forever 21, $12), and if you're feeling extra chic, throw on a thin, patent belt for a waist-defining touch (Forever 21, free with a different dress!). And don't shy away from that short hem line. Just because we're de-vulgarizing our bust, doesn't mean we can't play up a little leg!

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