Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strap perfect, fashion tape unite

So, I bought strap perfect in a weak moment at CVS, and somehow I thought I would be impressed. Not only does it look like I could craft one myself out of paper clips and yarn, but, I don't even own the kind of crazy-strapped tank tops shown in the commercial to try it out. And who would really use this thing for a sports bra. I don't even understand the physics, honestly.

Then, while trying on my 3 billionth bridesmaid dress, I came across Hollywood Fashion Tape, designed to keep garments in place, and banish the gaping holes that appear in the most inappropriate areas on button down shirts. The cleave. I am happy to report that this tape works, and I no longer walk around with a window to my bosoms.

And this last picture is an example of why you should use a strap perfect, because otherwise you will be a hot mess. Like me. Hi boys.

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  1. You have no idea how important this information is to all the women with big "girls" out there. Thank you!