Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vest obsessed

My love for vests has persisted for 16 years, but the road hasn't always been easy. I've denied it, hid it and even gone so far as to make FUN of vests, all to cover up my addiction. It all started with a red and blue vest with horses (and, oh god, cowboys) printed on the front. And by red and blue, I mean one whole side was red, and the other whole side was blue. It was hideous, but please don't feel bad for me, I still had friends despite the rodeo vest. Possibly because some of my friends were wearing pink sweatsuits with a bear- in- clothes pattern. We were quite a team.

I've come a long way since then, and so has my choice in vests. My white Saturday Night Fever vest is the centerpiece of this otherwise boring outfit, and it also brings a little sex appeal to the table. I have to say, every time I have worn this little guy out to the bar, men magically buy me drinks. Granted, they were all ugly.... but that's neither here nor there.

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